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  • Define Goals

    Simple yet powerful task manager will help you not to forget about important things

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  • Stay Focused

    Pomodoro technique and productivity stimulating music will help to avoid interrupts and multitasking

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  • Analyze The Result

    All work pieces are carefully collected into productivity report helping to understand what the problems are

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What Is It?

Pomodoro Player is an app based on GTD, Pomodoro Technique and music rhythm changing designed to make you more productive

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is a greate tool to stay focused and measure time used to acomplish tasks!

Music in Earphones

Combination of 2 playlists helps you to focus during Pomodoros and relax while having a breaks.

Task Management Tool

Organizing tasks into projects or contexts helps to add only most important to checklist for current session.

Our Team

These people help our service to born and live

Anton Shvein

Founder and developer

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

- Alexander Graham Bell -


Pomodoro Player is completely free forever. If you want to support us, please, allow using of your compute power for mining or help us to become better by adding your skills to our team for free. Our repo is here